The boom in B2B marketplaces has been driven. B2B marketplaces become the gateway for vendors to search for their products from different brands. After the recession, the eCommerce industry shows a faster pace in implementing the B2B business model. As a result, this new wing expands its horizon worldwide.

“The eCommerce marketing is no longer vague for business-to-business companies, but it drives more force. As a result, wholesalers and retailers need to benefit from the growing B2B opportunities, or risk may be left behind.” – stated the BigCommerce report.

Over the last decades, the B2B industry has exponentially grown and allowed businesses to perform their operational activities and build relations with merchants, wholesalers, and buyers worldwide. As per Forrester’s research, the US B2B eCommerce market will hit $1.8 Trillion by 2023.

Whether a dry beans manufacturer or coffee beans retailer, B2B marketplaces permit you to transform the traditional business into a fully digital platform. Everybody knows merchants are always looking for modest ways to grow business and increase the sales of brand products. Fortunately, a B2B online eCommerce platform that connects multiple sellers and buyers.

9 Trusted B2B Marketplaces To Know 

Companies who are hunting for the top B2B marketplaces for business development, and looking forward to opening up more B2B opportunities, read this article thoroughly.

Here you will read the top 9 B2B marketplaces that raise your brand worldwide in the shortest period.

  1. eWorldTrade – The fastest-growing B2B platform

eWorldTrade is another giant venture in the B2B e-commerce industry. The brand has worked closely for a decade and built a unique name in the online B2B marketplace with its incredible features that connect companies. eWorldTrade has integrated chatbots to reach the products without any hassle.

Suppose you are a dry beans manufacturer and find trustworthy buyers. This platform enhances your global reach by offering products at competitive prices. It is a highly responsive site backed up with modest technology to enhance the user experience. Also, it provides a seamless online shopping experience for the leads with complete ease.

  1. Amazon – The largest B2B website 

No one on this planet says they do not know what Amazon is. It is the world’s largest B2B and even B2C marketplace worldwide. This site was created in 1995, and this platform has a vast collection of products from different brands. So whether you are searching for a clothing line, dry beans, automobiles, health, or personal care-related products, each is listed on the Amazon catalog.

This B2B marketplace has huge suppliers and buyer’s directory from all over the world. It is also marked among the user-friendly sites and promises to deliver high-quality products at cost-effective rates. The reliable trading and fastest delivery are the main perks of this platform.

  1. Alibaba – A hub of authentic retailers

Alibaba is one of the leading B2B marketplaces that has firmly stood among the top-ranking B2B sites for years. These eCommerce sites also have a vast product catalog related to different businesses. This online marketplace offers high-quality products to enhance customer credibility. This platform helps increase reach by connecting with trusted buyers worldwide.

This platform also outlined filters to help the user to navigate the desired product efficiently. In addition, it uses well-defined images with in-depth product research. The best thing about the Alibaba B2B marketplace is that it helps buyers find appropriate manufacturers and search for products effortlessly.

  1. DHgate – promising global reach 

DHgate is a leading name in the world of wholesale websites. It gathers goods and services from China. DHgate was established to serve all small to medium-sized businesses. It aims to allow them to perform international trading.

On DHgate B2B marketplace, you will find trustable and authentic brands. So, this platform is considered an excellent B2B platform to operate your business successfully.

  1. Global sources – Gateway to credible B2B marketers 

Global sources are also renowned when talking about the top B2B marketplaces. This B2B platform is one of the oldest B2B websites. The global sources have a massive gallery of premium quality products. They even make sure to maintain the product quality to provide the best quality products to potential buyers.

This B2B site gains popularity due to flexible and easy order placement. However, one of the most prominent features of this B2B marketplace is; that it follows strict trading policies to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

  1. Etsy – A Great B2B venture 

This B2B platform is listed among the top B2B wholesale sites. It is growing fast and ready to make remarkable footprints.

This B2B platform is excellent for ambitious business people to find worthy and valuable masterpieces of art here. It also has a catalog of products such as jewelry, clothing, toys, shoes, home, living, etc.

  1. Thomas Net – A Reliable B2B marketplace 

The Thomas Net will be the best choice if you’re worried about moving your traditional business to the online world. This platform caters to almost 490,000 buyers and suppliers from various industries. In addition, this B2B platform transforms secure transparency.

  1. Flipkart – Door to improve Online business

Flipkart is the Indian-based B2B marketplace that offers region-specific retailers and suppliers. Although the wholesalers and retailers usually belong from all across Asia, it even offers a bundle of thrilling deals and discounts.

 Not only this, but Flipkart also offers a broader range of brand products. You will find a massive collection from healthcare products to sportsman gear, women’s & men’s apparel, etc. you can even get your hands on furniture deals.  

  1. EC21 – A Korean B2B Counterpart 

EC21 is about the platform offering quality products and connecting with trusted sellers. Among millions of online B2B marketplaces, the EC21 has the supervised system to operate B2B business efficiently.

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