Ran out of face masks to go on emergency shopping amidst this crisis? Here is what you need, to make your own home-made mask and wear it in less than 30 seconds.

What you need:

  • a clean T-shirt (one you do not plan to wear anymore)
Step 1: Pull the T-shirt through your head to rest above your nose

This is the most crucial step of the entire process. As you pull the T-shirt through your head try to make sure that the neck of the T-shirt is not too tight that it covers your vision. It must be loose enough to hang above your nose and over both your ears. So, here goes your first layer of face mask. Although this would provide minimal protection, it will still prevent your hands from touching your face.

Step 2: Double-over the T-shirt and pull tight

To add in another layer of protection, pullover the remaining cloth hanging below and double-over the previous fold. Then, holding onto it, pull the remaining cloth behind your head. This would tighten the face-piece. 

Step 3: Twist to either tie a knot or pull it over your head 

Finally, if the T-shirt was long-sleeved, you can tie the sleeves together to protect the mask from falling apart. Nonetheless, you can also creatively, twist it around and pull it over your head to make it look like a cool hoodie-mask-combo.

Please note that this article must not be treated as a medical recommendation. Probably, this can be one of the last options you can resort to, amongst many. Last but not the least, remember to wash and disinfect your home-made mask along with other clothes after you return home.

These are trying times and we must go above and beyond to protect ourselves. And when enough of us do that, we protect our community and act as change agents.

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