Many young people in Hong Kong no longer believe in upward mobility and are desperate about their future because of recent political events and economic insecurity. However, I believe the youth are the trustees of posterity and I see them as the future of our nation. This is also my calling to devote myself to youth work and work for The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) since my graduation from The University of Hong Kong, to empower youth and to advocate for the creation of social capital/ventures through innovation.

In 2016, after the first time I joined One Young World in Canada, I started the flagship programme “Leaders to Leaders”, which is a new initiative, to connect ambassadors of One Young World and global leaders recognised by World Bank, United Nations, Forbes and other well-known international institutes in promoting the 17 UNSDGs. The programme provides face-to-face training and inspires young leaders to co-create positive social impacts both locally and globally. 

Over 20 prominent, influential OYW ambassadors were invited to enlighten and inspire our local participants through various interactive activities. I am passionate about youth development and care about the well-being of their daily life. I believe Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. By exploring resources and connecting “Leaders to Leaders”, it will empower our youth and enrich their global exposure.

As the Managing Ambassador for Asia and also a youth activist, I started my new career at The University of Hong Kong recently, to reach out to corporates and build tri-sector partnerships for social goods. In the past 7 years, I assisted the establishment of the first Leadership Institute in Hong Kong and raised over 50 billion for projects that support changes and development like social entrepreneurship, responsible tourism, human rights, social equality, and nature and wildlife conservation.

Leveraging on my experience and network, I want to strengthen community engagement and further develop the tri-sector partnership in different youth projects. I believe that by bringing people together for changes and empowering our next generations, we will move our society towards prosperity and unity.

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