Studying online is the new norm nowadays. However, since it is such a new experience a lot of the students face problem. Here are four of the most useful tools I have found online which helped me fire up my focus when I am studying.

1. Marinara Timer

You might have heard of the famous time management technique called the Pomodoro technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo. Under this Pomodoro technique, you break your total time of studying into small chunks of 25 minutes and then take a break of five minutes after every 25-minute study session. Studies have shown that this method boosts your productivity. 

But speaking from personal experience, keeping a timer on your clock multiple times is a bit hectic. Moreover, you might take a break for way longer than you are supposed to. Marinara Timer is a website which helps you implement this technique. It allows you to customize your own personal timer to track your work and break time, hence, making the process easier. The website has a sleek and simple design where you will find the options to run the Pomodoro timer, custom timer or the kitchen timer.

2. Study Stack

If you have an exam coming up for which you have to memorize a lot of facts then Study Stack is the perfect website to use. Basically, this website will create flashcards with the information you provide or it will give you flashcards that others have already created. After the flashcards are made, the site will transform the data into a variety of tools and games that are perfect for studying. For example, you can play hangman, unscramble, or a matching play and make memorization easy and fun.

3. Evernote

When you are studying on a broad topic, you might have to scour through different platforms to find the right information. Keeping all this data from distinct platforms can be very difficult. In such cases, Evernote can be a helpful tool. With the help of Evernote, you can keep all of your research in one place.

It can sync across phones and computers and you can also share your created notes with your friends. Evernote can be used in a number of ways: organizing presentation notes; designing study guides from in-class note-taking; arranging tasks which are not related to academics. To summarize, it is a digital version of taking notes in your diary with a lot more advanced features.

4. Schooltraq

It’s easy to get confused, since students have to do several courses at the same time. We may feel overwhelmed while dealing with a number of tasks, quizzes and assignments. This is where Schooltraq comes in. Schooltraq is a digital planner that syncs across your phone and computer; it is easy to use and keeps your due dates in check. When a digital planner adds everything on your digital calendar, it becomes much easier to manage your homework and prepare for your tests.

All of these apps are immensely helpful especially when you are studying from home. Moreover, all of these are absolutely free to use. Give them a try and if you find them useful the way I did, do tell your friends about them.