I understand that the title can irritate your nerves and raise questions such as “are you joking?”. And, I do not blame you to ask this question since 2020 has surely been one of the most difficult years for us, both individually and collectively. We have lost many friends, family and neighbors, totaling more than 1.7 million due to COVID-19. Many of us have lost our jobs, have faced the uncertainty of eviction, and have been intimidated by the fear of never going back to the normal state. Some of us have had personal crises, family issues, and in the process became depressed.

These are all true and real. However, without undermining the significance of any of these challenges, I humbly opine 2020 to be a year to be grateful. Although I put forward a few things to be grateful about, in no way, this is an exhaustive list. I request everyone to reflect and find a few more things to be grateful about.   

1.       We are still alive

This may seem a bit odd, but I think, being alive is the biggest blessing of the world. Life has, surely, become different and difficult. However, the chance of seeing another morning, the opportunity of talking to a loved one and the happiness of hugging someone special are priceless and worth living for. Should I not be grateful that I am given another day to do all these and more?

2.       It could have been a lot worse

2020 has shown us that it can always be worse. Most of us are aware of the possibility of worsening the pandemic scenario but thanks to the relentless work of vaccine reachers, a few vaccines are already being used widely. This has the potential of reducing the death-toll and saving millions of lives. 

3.       The bravery of the frontline fighters of COVID-19

Images of the frontline fighters of COVID-19 have shaken our hearts. When we are following the health-protocols to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, the healthcare professionals have been relentlessly working to keep us safe and tackling the COVID-19. Their bravery and heroism have received global appreciation and we are grateful to have them as our guardian angels. Our thoughts and prayers to our fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save many.

4.       The farmers

Did you know that the dreadful impact of Spanish flu caused famine in different parts of the world since there were shortages of manpower in rural areas? The World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that acute hunger in the world may double by the end of 2020 due to COVID-19. While there are potentials of global shortage of food, the farmers have been working unrelentingly to produce more crops and feed the global population. While we enjoy our foods, we often forget the heroes who work on dirt to grow the food. Let’s be grateful and thankful to these unsung heroes.

5.       The people

Lastly, 2020 has been a year of trials after trials. Amidst all the negativity, we have seen how individuals have shown kindness and made small differences in the world. I think 2020 has also given us an opportunity to find the goodness in people, appreciate their efforts and find inspiration to do good for others.

Surely, I have missed many other things to be grateful about. Feel free to share them with us! 

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