If you once were an avid reader but somehow, along the way, have lost that tag, then this article is for you. When you discovered that you no longer possess the needed reading speed or concentration span, it must have been disheartening. You may feel incomplete without the habit which once shaped your opinions and perspective about the world. But do not lose hope. Always keep in mind that the significance of reading books cannot be easily forgotten. To regain your long-cherished habit of reading first, you need lots of patience. Try to take things slow and exercise the following steps.

Make time

If you are looking for the right time to read books, trust me, it will never come. Finding the right or perfect time to recover your reading habit is the first yet, probably the most challenging task, as there are personal and professional obligations that you need to meet. So try to make time. Figure out a time when you end up doing nothing productive in your everyday life. Use that time to commit to reading.

Find the right environment

The environment you read books in needs to be comfortable. Your comfort place can be anywhere. A place where noise can barely reach you and you are at ease and feel calm is the perfect place to read. While reading, it is helpful to turn off the TV and keep your mobile notification off since they can significantly disrupt your concentration. And, that is the last thing we want as we regain our reading habits. Stay away from television because it’s only going to disrupt your concentration. And if you choose to read in a public place, then listening to music can help you focus on your book.

Choose your genre carefully and Set feasible targets

As you start reading, try to pick up the genre that you enjoy the most, rather than going for heavy and intense subjects. The purpose is to bring your habit back and not scare you off. If you want, you can go for a breezy romance, an exciting mystery/thriller, or anything that suits your taste and appeals to you the most. Being comfortable with the vocabulary and language of the book is vital.

It is helpful to set your daily targets to navigate your process. However, let’s not be over ambitious and exhaust ourselves in a few days. What we are striving for is steady and consistent growth. Be realistic while setting these targets. You could start with a few pages at your convenience. If you read more and exceed your goals, that’s even better. Also, set a target for how many days it would take you to finish a book while taking your reading speed into account. If you want, you can start with short stories.

Start a journal

Start keeping a book journal where you write about what you have read daily. It will help you structure your thoughts. You will also be able to reflect on the subjects and themes you’ve read about, which is the whole point of reading. Maintain a private journal. You can also write about sharing your reading experiences on online platforms or public online blogs. This will help you keep track of your opinion on a book, what topics interest you, and if you have reached your targets. Social media can also boost your interest.

Talk with fellow bibliophiles

Having a passionate conversation with fellow readers will help you revive your love for books. The unending conversations can leave you hooked to the idea of reading some excellent new book they talked about. And who doesn’t miss those days when daily life revolved around a great novel. You can join book clubs or book discussions to take part in exciting conversations about literature.

Move from movies to books

Watch popular movies based on books you previously have not read. This habit is bound to create a curiosity regarding the books of origin and will encourage you to read the books the movies were based on. You may wonder about the differences between the film and the book and want to find out for yourself. Throughout cinematic history, there have been many renowned movies that are based on literature.

Let go of a book you have lost interest in. It’s only going to stall your time. Try to interpret things that you get to read in a book. Always remember that reading books is perhaps the most extraordinary habit one can have. The methods mentioned above are bound to make you get back on track. It’s never too late to regain your reading habit and become an avid reader again. You can always come back to this cherished habit with perseverance and patience.