It took me a week to start writing the actual draft of this write-up, whereas, throughout the time, I was drafting an imaginary piece in my mind. Quite a relatable scenario in a lot of aspects of life, isn’t it? Getting stuck up in a world where everything is controllable and anticipatable can be creative and relaxing. Still, once you lose track of your actual doings and stop paying attention when required in the real world, it becomes a problem. You even make yourself more anxious or upset by the thoughts that haven’t yet happened or might never happen. Daydreaming needs to be tamed from getting out of hand. 

Below are some of the tips that you can follow to get the most out of the things that go in your mind and prevent the surging frustrations from the unfulfilled fantasies as things get real.

Increase Engagement with Reality

Being more proactive in situations where you fear zoning out in inappropriate moments is helpful. For example, in classes and meetings, it is easier to get distracted at important moments. To fix this, try taking notes and asking questions. Adding distractions also increases realistic engagement, as suggested by cognitive psychologist Nillie Lavie. For example, If you highlight or design on pages as you read, your brain has to make sense of those colors and designs along with the relevant texts and hence, lets you stay in the present.

Start Planning the Execution of the Imagined Doings

Executing imagined things (be it something positive or to get rid of something negative) can be scary and is often halted by many. Hence, they turn to wander off in their mind to avoid working in reality. Get yourself a pen and paper and jot down all the things you have to do to achieve positives out of the imagined stuff. For example, start listing down the topics that are to be covered for the exam which is shortly due instead of procrastinating by anxiously daydreaming its worst possible results. A planned outline will help you relax and be more focused and organized.

Take Small Actions

While the act of planning is super helpful but yet goes nowhere without being followed by acting on plans. Stop trying to stall your work waiting for the right day and get yourself into the rhythm of completing tasks. Do not try to accomplish every task at once. If you are super motivated, try to achieve two or three of them a day, but if you are still anxious, try to complete the easiest one first. Later you will see how far you have traveled from just dreaming of being productive.

Concentrate on Today

Staying prepared to face difficult situations or thinking of a better tomorrow, isn’t this what we daydream of? With all the planning you have done earlier, focus just on the goals that you have to accomplish today and celebrate once you do so. Pick small things to do if you feel tired and overwhelmed, and let your mind relax from the heaviness of all the castles built in the cloud.

Daydreaming also comes with its positive sides, like increasing creativity and problem-solving skills, but maintaining a healthy balance with reality is a must-have. Quickly justifying the daydreams and acting on them is the key. Thus, the streamlined steps above can let you relish your daydreaming positively rather than suffer by dreading its negative consequences. Do also let me know through comments about your hacks on being an effective daydreamer.