Behind every successful Shopify store, there is a skilled Shopify web developer. Now, you might ask, where is this coming from? It is true that your business model and product/service are the major fuel of your journey. But technically, the fuel is useless if you do not have a sturdy vehicle for it. Your online Shopify store is the sturdy vehicle you need. And for this, you need a skilled Shopify developer.

In this guide, we will share everything you need to know when building a Shopify store and hiring a Shopify web developer for the job. We will be focusing more on the critical role and responsibilities of the developer because that’s the bit nobody will guide you on.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform, which allows you to build an online store with ease. Whether you want to sell in your local vicinity or across different continents, you can do it all with this flexible platform. Although it is flexible, it is not easy-to-use for someone with zero coding knowledge. If you do not have a background in coding, you will need a professional Shopify web developer to assist you through the process.

Who is a Shopify Web Developer?

Technically, a Shopify web developer is a person who can skillfully develop a Shopify store. It is a person with enough:

  • Programming knowledge 
  • Business knowledge, and 
  • Shopify knowledge 

When we say enough Programming knowledge, we mean that the person should have a technical academic background. Ideally, a software engineer is the best fit. But anyone with knowledge and hands-on experience in HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery, and CSS3 can do the job.

When we say Business knowledge, we mean that the person should have a sense of sales funnel, customer journey and experience, branding, and site optimization. They do not need to be a business graduate. But to design a user-friendly interface and set up an easy shopping experience, they need to understand how your business helps the audience.  It’s upon them to place the assets wisely over the online store and create an experience that your visitors love.

Similarly, when we say Shopify knowledge, we mean the elements and features of the Shopify platform. It’d be a bonus if they follow Shopify’s blog and also keep themselves updated with the upcoming and obsolete trends and functionalities.

Is Shopify Web Development different from Shopify Web Designing?

Yes and no. Technically, a web developer is responsible for building the core structure of a website. On the contrary, a web designer is responsible for creating the visual looks of a website, its usability, and its layout.

However, when it comes to Shopify, it’s essential for the developer to know the design. The core responsibilities of a Shopify web developer also include customization and design of the UI of a store as well as front-end elements. It’s a part of their job to enhance the user journey and user experience. For that very reason, they ought to have a good knowledge of web design as well. In the next section, we’ll define the basic web design knowledge required by a Shopify web developer.

Basic Shopify Web Design Tools

Ideally, a Shopify web developer should be familiar with the following web design tools:

  • TeleportHQ
  • Figma
  • Canva

Although these are the basic ones, these are also the top-ranking design tools. They allow the user to create a variety of creative web visuals. You can create a complete page-to-page design with the help of these tools at ease. But for a more professional approach, an ideal candidate would have complete command and understanding of all the website design tools

Major Roles & Responsibilities

We’ve given a rough sketch of the roles and responsibilities of a Shopify web developer above. But to define the roles further for you, here’s an outline:

  • Create an account on Shopify, transfer your store data, and set up the store.
  • Customize and design user interface
  • Enhance user experience
  • Integrate third-party tools and services
  • Troubleshoot issues in the Shopify store
  • Create and maintain API Documentation
  • Implement Shopify web marketing techniques
  • Integrate Shopify ads

Apart from this, the basic skills that Shopify developer needs, include:

  • Strong understanding of responsive design and UI elements
  • Strong understanding of target audience and marketing
  • Knowledge in data security and protection
  • HTML, CSS, SASS and other relevant languages
  • Knowledge of Facebook and Google Ads
  • Custom feature and app development
  • Ability to tackle new bugs and issues
  • Good communications skills
  • Approachable and focused attitude
  • Innovative approach

All job descriptions for Shopify developers specify these responsibilities in greater detail. Some companies ask for extensive qualifications, while some ask for basic ones depending on their store’s structure and industry. You can find Shopify web developers working in teams or independently. They work as agencies or freelance. Always check out the portfolio to assess their skills. If they do not have a portfolio yet, check out their academic and technical background.

The Takeaway

Summing up, a Shopify developer can make or break a Shopify-based store. Whether you’re planning to become one or find a good Shopify web developer, know that the responsibility on your shoulders is great. Follow through our article and make the best choice for yourself!