YouTube is often only seen as a source of entertainment or somewhere where you can find a quick tutorial for solving a problem of yours. But do you know that you can master a skill using just YouTube? But why would you want to learn Microsoft Excel out of everything? This spreadsheet software is immensely powerful and proficiency in it is a must in many areas of employment. 

“Excel is a powerful tool that has become entrenched in business processes worldwide–whether for analyzing stocks or issuers, budgeting, or organizing client sales lists.”

– Investopedia 

Below are five channels that will help you learn the A to Z of Microsoft Excel.

1. Technology for Teachers and Students

Unique Offering: Deals with a diverse range of computer software.

With over 300 tutorials, divided in multiple playlists, this channel covers the basics for the beginners (what is a worksheet?) to advanced formulas (what-if analysis). Most tutorials contain tips and tricks to help you navigate through Excel faster as knowing the keyboard short-cuts is essential for mastering this spreadsheet program. 

Tutorials on other computer software are also available, which means when you feel overwhelmed with learning Excel, you can switch to something new!

Channel Link | Basic Playlists

2. MyOnlineTrainingHub

Unique Offering: Covers intermediate to advanced Excel functions

This channel is all about Excel! What makes it different from others in this list is that its content deals with more intermediate or advanced level Excel functions such as PivotTables and Power Query, which makes it ideal for those who have the basics covered. But there are 10+ tutorials for the novices too!

While most videos are about 10-15 minutes long, some dealing with multiple topics (e.g. creating an interactive dashboard) can be up to an hour long.

Channel Link | Basic Playlists

3. Leila Gharani

Unique Offering: Has tutorials on Google Workspace, MS Powerpoint and Accounting as well. 

Are you looking for a channel covering absolutely every feature of Excel? This is the one for you! Leila Gharani is an MVP (Microsoft Valuable Professional) who has hundreds of tutorials, neatly divided into 15+ playlists.

From fun little Excel tips and tricks to multiple tutorials explaining Excel infographic charts and reports, this channel has it all and more. Additionally, you’ll find videos on PowerPoint as well as on accounting and finance.

Channel Link | Basic Playlists

4. ExcelIsFun

Unique Offering: Covers MS Excel functions through and through

If you’re one who prefers long tutorials with in-depth discussion on topics, this is the channel for you! Many of the tutorials are over half an hour long but those dealing with very specific topics are around ten minutes long.

The power of MS Excel is portrayed by this channel by using it for multiple activities. The tens of playlists cover Excel for data analysis and statistics for business and economics.

Channel Link | Basic Playlists

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 5. Teach Excel

Unique Offering: Also has tutorials on using Excel for finance and data analysis.

What makes this channel stand out against the rest in this list is its focus on finance. For those looking to learn MS Excel to be able build financial models, the 20+ tutorials specifically on finance is sure to help you.

The two core areas of focus remain finance and data analysis. Tutorials on topics like data validation and VBA are also present.

Channel Link | Finance Playlists

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