People stay depressed due to negative thoughts. Sometimes they think worse and overthink too much about their negative feelings. Consequently, they lack many opportunities and that makes them more depressed. Therefore, I think there must be some tricks to overcome these negative thoughts. Those tricks and steps can help a person to deal with their bad feelings and negative thoughts as well. 

Positivity over negativity! More than half of a person’s life is spent in negative thinking. How much time in the day do we spend thinking positively? If you are asked to have a good thought and a bad thought, you will notice that you can do both simultaneously. It is entirely up to you. According to my perspective, there can be four steps that can help a person to get rid of negative thoughts. It will show a person the PATH! Yes, the PATH!! Now, these four stages are given below:

P: Pause

Instead of acting on feelings right away, you should stop yourself for a while and think about the things through. Count to 100 or say the alphabet backward. More precisely, when a person is carrying negative feelings and hurting himself/herself, he or she should have the urge to stop right there and take a deep breath because it is scientifically proven that taking a breath can help to decrease the stress hormone. 

A: Acknowledge

After taking a deep breath, a person should think wisely about the matter that she/he is tensed of and that is called acknowledgment, Acknowledgement means accepting the truth and realizing it. At this point, a person needs to be mature. Suppose a boy is mad at his friend and his feelings are hurt by what his friend did. Whatever it is that he is feeling, it is okay to feel that way. 

T: Think

Now that he should take a few moments to figure out what he is feeling, think about how he can make himself feel better because only one’s self can feel what he/she is feeling inside and only he/she knows what can make his/her heart better. So, he should do it according to his good feeling or purpose which is positive thinking.

 H: Help

Now it’s action time! He should take action to help himself based upon what he came up with the “Think” step and that will surely come up with positive action ( again acknowledgment is important for taking an action because one takes action in imitation of his realization). 

In a nutshell, almost every person in this world has negativity in their mind over positivity. According to my perspective, these are the steps one can follow to deal with those negative thoughts that affect their mental health. It will enhance the positivity inside and outside of a person.