3 Idiots is one of the best educational movies in the Indian film industry. This movie is directed by Rajkumar Hirani which is based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel Five Point Someone: What not to do at IIT. The film follows the story of three friends (Rancho, Farhan, Raju) studying in an Indian engineering college and is a satire about the social pressures under the present Indian education system. We can learn many valuable lessons from this movie.

Chase excellence and success will follow you

In the 3 Idiots movie, Professor Veeru Shastra Buddhi is a Director of the Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). Professor Veeru thought that success can be attained only if one achieves good results by studying engineering. On the other hand, Rancho felt that we should try to do our job with dedication so that we can be able to do it. You are the only one who can do that because you have the devotion and love to do it. This is the key to success!

Don’t chase success, chase excellence and success will follow.

– Rancho

A certificate can help you to get a job, but can’t help to find true self

The “3 Idiots” movie teaches us that a certificate is nothing more than a piece of paper. Real education is to acquire knowledge. After graduation, Rancho gives away his certificate to someone else, and with the help of his acquired knowledge, he became a great scientist.

Don’t quit

In the 3 Idiots Movie, Joy committed suicide because he was made to feel worthless. And the principal decided to expel him. He could not handle all the pressure. He could not handle the shame he would cause to his father. Raju also attempts suicide because the principal told him that he would be expelled from college unless he helped to expel Rancho. 

A small failure can never ruin your own life. Achieving success in life by fighting is a great enjoyment. Play with challenges, not with your life.

Make your passion your profession

Farhan wants to become a wildlife photographer. But, he came to study engineering to fulfill his father’s wish. Rancho has always advised Farhan to make his passion a profession. So you should find your passion and go after excellence! Be it acting, horse riding, or dancing, whatever it is, just go for it.

Avoid cramming and Be excited to learn new things 

It is possible to get good results by passing exams with memorization, but it is never possible to get accurate knowledge. In 3 Idiots Movie, Chatur tried to memorize all the books and get good results in the exam. On the other hand, Rancho tried to learn and know something new and won first place in class.  What is the benefit of getting good results through competition if you can’t learn something new? This result has no value. Exactly 10 years later, Chatur has become rich, but he can understand the value of a signature of Rancho.

Believe in yourself & Don’t fear too much

You have to believe in yourself. When Raju is always worried and scared about his future, Rancho tells him to focus on the present and never lose his faith. No work succeeds when you do not have faith in yourself. So that’s why Rancho became a great scientist. 

All is well

Everything will be fine when you believe in yourself and learn to enjoy your life. So whenever we are in danger, we should remember “All is Well”.