• Who doesn’t want to be happy? 
  • Of course, everyone does! To have that blissful feeling a person simply leaves no stones unturned.

There is one undeniable truth that we all have to accept. Happiness depends on the Pursuit to have it. Whenever we are having a low point in our life, we often ask ourselves why we can’t be happy like others! I would like to assure you that you can. 

This writeup is about the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. In this movie Chris Gardner, the protagonist also went through a plethora of hardships and asked the same question to himself- Why can’t I look happy like others? To get this answer he plunged into a journey in pursuit of happiness. Later on, this journey is proved to be a life-changing event for him! So, let’s know about 6 life lessons from this movie and hopefully, after you are done reading this you might feel a bit pumped up! 

Strengthen your skills 

You need to be skillful at what you do and you should also know how to use that skill. In this movie, while struggling in life Chris Gardner asks a well-off stockbroker what he does and most importantly how he does it. He gets a response that eventually gives him a ray of hope. He is assured that to be a stockbroker he must be good with numbers and good with people. Even though he had these skills in his pocket, he went on to strengthen them. If you have watched the movie, you might have seen how determined Chris became to reflect his skills. Every individual has their own sort of skills. It is practice, determination, and effort that can make each skill a unique feature.    

Protect Your Dream

This scene from the movie where Chris is playing basketball with his son is undeniably a special one. While playing Chris perceives since he was average at playing basketball so his son will be the same. Hence, he suggests his son not idle away his time on it. Seeing his son sad Chris gives a piece of notable advice-  Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If you want to do something, go get it!……….. Protect your dream!

In our lives, we often get denounced or even mocked by many people about our dream. But we should not get preoccupied with all these negativities. Rather, it is best if we do everything possible to Protect our Dreams!

Stop Feeling Underrated and Unappreciated 

After pulling off so many tasks altogether at the office, Chris felt underrated as well as unappreciated by his office manager. Sending Chris to fetch coffee or doughnuts or even asking to park the car at crucial moments testify to this claim. But Chris didn’t wince. 

In our lives, we also face this sort of situation which certainly upsets us, weakens our confidence. However, we must rebound and focus on our goal instead. Evidently, after a great achievement, these afflictions will not prowl through our heads!

Be enthusiastic

There can be so many things in the world that are unknown to us. Hence, we should try to fill this knowledge gap. Accepting this knowledge gap is better than faking out. Remember the scene where Chris arrives at the interview in shabby clothes? Despite this outfit, he manages to impress the interview board by being honest. He strongly avers that he is a man who would dauntlessly accept his knowledge gap. But he affirms that he knows how to find that answer and he will surely find that answer. 

Be the person who’s honest and accepts his weaknesses. But don’t get paused there. Learn new things, you can surely excel in your respective fields. 

Accept the Unexpected 

Life is so unpredictable! We can hardly imagine a future where everything is shaped according to our expectations. The more you can accept reality the more you can cross difficult paths. In this movie, Chris loses everything one by one- His wife leaves him, he turns homeless, his bank savings are seized as well as the only income source he has, the Portable Bone Density Scanner, is lost. Moreover, he had to spend his night at the jail just before his internship interview date. 

Yet, with all these shortcomings we see Chris dreaming of a happy life and for that, he works day and night. Undoubtedly, Chris is a great example of a person who accepted all those unexpected turnovers and decided to step forward. We all go through many difficult times, many unexpected things come into being and take us down. Still, we must march ahead. 

Cast Aside Regrets

Let’s recollect some good old school or high school memories! After pulling off a first-class score in any subject we would often imagine becoming so many great things! This is relevant for almost all of us. But in reality how many of us have become the ones that we have imagined? 

Let’s not regret it! Chris was also thoughtful regarding this but eventually, it didn’t matter. The only thing that can keep you boosted is not regretting your past mistakes. With each mistake, there lies a great lesson. And that lesson is- Do not get involved in anything that might bring troubles in your life and later on you regret it.  

There can be many more life lessons that the movie can give us. If you want to find those out then I would recommend you to watch the movie. Undoubtedly, the experience will be a worthwhile one!  

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