Are you among those who feel that time is passing rapidly and you still have a lot of pending work? A major portion of individuals might fall in the category that says yes. Do you know this is happening due to improper time management? In whatever profession you are working, it is essential to complete all the tasks on time. But most of the employees feel, within the blink of an eye, the time is running.   

Sadly at the end of the day, many of us have pending work to complete which leaves us with the feeling of having wasted the whole day. To make sure that such circumstances do not occur, you have to tend your focus towards one element, and that is ‘planning.’ You will feel surprised to know that if you spend 10-12 minutes organizing your day, you can save up to 2 hours of time that otherwise remains of no use. 

Want to know in detail about time management? You came to the right place. In this article, you will find the leading hacks which you can follow to manage your time well. Let’s understand the top tactics you can follow to master time management. 

Audit Your Time

How will you feel if you get some extra time from your whole busy day? Sounds amazing, right? But to get the advantage of that free period, you have to first look into your daily working schedule. It will help if you track your own time to determine where the time is getting wasted. Pretty examples of the list of activities where the time is wasted in the workplace is shown in the figure below –

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We all are getting the same hours every day, and its utilization in a proper way is our primary responsibility. For that, you have to keep a record of your work schedule for a consecutive period. Know which task is consuming your time majorly and try to reduce it. Doing so will assist you in many ways like-

  • Support you to segment the laborious tasks
  • Will help in reaching the goals on time
  • Improves your productivity
  • It helps in effectively using the time 
  • Reduces tensity and workload 

By doing these, you will get all the answers to those wonders like – ‘My whole day got wasted,’ ‘Still, I have pending tasks,’ ‘I was working for the whole day but could not complete the work,’ and such running out of time phrases that always remain in employees’ mouths. 

Work With Time Limits 

As you come to the office, do you just sit at your place and start working without knowing or setting a time limit to complete it? If the answer is yes, then you are in big trouble as you are working without forming any plan. If you just begin your work with zero planning, it is not worth it for yourself and the company. 

Noting this point, many business owners are finding ways to handle this situation in a better manner to know how the employees are working and what are reasons for their unproductive nature. To better dig into it, it would be great if you implement the best time tracking tool such as factoHR – the ideal solution for all sized business to analyze and measure their workfocrce’s productivity. Using it managers have to only assign the tasks to the workers with respective time limits. After that, they can directly determine the time required by employees to complete it and their relative productivity. 

When you find such a work atmosphere, your effectiveness and efficiency in completing the task in the provided time frame will surely increase. This helps you to handle and finish your work on a timely basis, which is one of the superior art you can use for time management.

Set To-do Lists

Before welcoming your new working day, develop the habit of organizing your whole day schedule by forming a to-do list. It will bring your attention to the overall work you are about to look for on that particular day. Add all the projects and define the respective time requirements it will take to complete them all. 

Such a prior schedule works as a perfect way which every individual has to follow in their day. It will help you to work in a definite direction and to accomplish the work. This converts your messy and unorganized day into a fruitful day, enhancing your productivity and reducing your stress.       

Prioritize Morning Rituals For MIT

How you begin your day always leaves an impact on the rest of the day. Therefore, you must set your morning rituals well to handle the MIT (Most Important Task) for reaching your goal. Some of the most useful rituals are-

  • Wake up early
  • Engage in productive meditation
  • Be punctual
  • Review your schedule
  • Prioritize your most important task and many more you can add to this list to handle your primarily concerned work better.  

Delegate Your Responsibility Wisely

Often all of us find that we are swamped with workloads which almost remain impossible to complete. In such a situation, delegation is always a good way you must prefer to. It is not like you are running away from performing the job if you are delegating your tasks. Instead, it shows your concerns about completing those work on time. 

This becomes more helpful in the startup business, whereby you can save up to 40% of the time by delegating marketing and administrative tasks, as shown in the figure below- 

Image (Source

Dividing tasks to other members as per their skills and expertise will give you much relaxation from the immense workload. Also, make sure that you provide all the details to those members, which helps to complete the work. Following such practice will help you manage your time and avoid the cases of missing deadlines that result in bringing losses.           

Allow Buffer Time In Scheduled Tasks

Remaining in continuous working mode can sometimes bring unproductiveness to your work. Here you are considering yourself as a robot that works continuously without taking any break, which in practice is of no use. The human brain needs some sort of relaxation, majorly after 90 minutes, to begin new work by retaining the effectiveness and productivity of performing it, as shown in the figure below- 

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Take a short break and do recharging activities like take a walk, read some inspiring news, etc., to get back your focus for doing the job.         

Time management is all about improving your work quality rather than bringing a vast amount of work together and confusingly performing all of them. You must work by organizing them. This will assist in completing them on time with a more attentive mind. Follow the tactics mentioned above and adequately manage your time as it is the prominent key to gain success in life.