Little do we realize how precious of a pastime watching documentaries can be. Usually, we have the misperception of documentaries being too complicated to comprehend and not being everyone’s cup of tea. But this set of documentaries is designed for everyone. Also, for the ones who may not have preconceived ideas about the topics. Starting from pressing problems of our everyday lives, the duality of social media, the mechanism of our mind, and how everything around us is interconnected, these documentaries will leave you in awe. So why not sometimes drive to the shore of documentaries that might extend our point of view, rather than diving into our regular movies on all of our pastimes. 

Here are some eye-opening documentaries to watch:


This investigative and witty docuseries by science journalist Latif Nasser will stun you how we, all the living beings and things are connected in the most intricate ways. Do we know how insignificant dust can make significant contributions from generating oxygen to fertilizing the rainforest?  Or how complicating our poop can be, holding secrets about us, creating problems, and potentially, being solutions. This will make you dive and delve into how everything surrounding us is connected.


This docuseries will take you on a ride on the pressing problems of our day-to-day lives. Featuring episodes from 15-20 minutes, this will make you question by pondering over the issues that are not part of our daily news system. Starting from why women are paid less, dimensions of time, music, coding, k-pop, and dogs, it covers a wide range of topics. 

Though the episodes will not explain the topics explicitly but will make you crave more insights into them. 

The mind explained

Haven’t we all puzzled over why we dream about the deepest desires in our dreams? Or how do our anxieties make us go through dreadful days? From mindfulness, memory to anxiety disorders, these docuseries will make you explore and explain what is happening inside your brain, why it is happening, and how you can control it in your way to get things done.  

The social dilemma

Most of us assume that the primary purpose of social media sites is to connect us with our friends, but the underlying truth is frightening. Here advertisers are customers and we are just products. “If you are not paying for it, then you’re not the customer, you’re the product being sold”. This statement provides a broad overview of this Oscar-deserving documentary. This is a must-watch as you should be the one to decide, to whom to hand over control of your life. To social media or yourself?

Watching these documentaries ignited my curiosity to delve more into these issues. It made me laugh and it made me question my perspectives. Give these documentaries a watch, if you want to extend your horizon of perspective and get entertained at the same time. Here are some other honourable mentions: Minimalism and Human the world within.