When you were younger, you might have dreamed of becoming a professional athlete – but as the years went on, you realized that this wasn’t in the cards for you. Thankfully, job opportunities in the sports industry are not limited to athletes. There are sports-related jobs for people with a wide variety of professional skills, and you can find exciting openings on Youth Opportunities! From becoming a lighting engineer to seeking out a remote sports-related job, these tips will help you get your foot in the door of the sports industry.

Lighting Engineer

Do you have a background in engineering? You might be qualified to launch your own stadium lighting business or work as an engineer for a venue lighting company. If you’re not too familiar with this industry, you can brush up on your knowledge by going over case studies covering lighting options for stadiums and arenas. You can find case studies reviewing lighting solutions for both collegiate and professional venues, including indoor arenas and mid-size outdoor complexes. 

Work-From-Home Jobs

Maybe you’re curious about sports-related careers, but you would prefer to work remotely than commute to an office or stadium. Depending on your career interests, you may be able to secure a remote job in the sports industry. For example, you could start your own sports podcast, break into the sports marketing sector, or even work as a sports agent!

Sports Statistician

Have you always had an affinity for math? You might be on the right track for a career as a sports statistician. Statistics are incredibly important to every sports league. If you want to become a sports statistician, Career Trend states you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, or statistical analysis at a minimum. What’s more, having a master’s degree will make you an even more competitive candidate for good jobs. In the course of your studies, you’ll need to master a few statistical software systems, too.

Nonprofits and Charity Work

If you feel that you have an altruistic calling, you might want to start your own nonprofit. You can raise money for sports teams in your community and help them thrive! However, even if you don’t end up running your own nonprofit, there are plenty of ways to contribute to amateur sports teams in your area. For example, if you run a business, you can partner with a sports team in your area to sponsor them. And no matter your job, you can always donate a portion of your earnings to amateur sports teams, which will allow them to purchase gear, equipment, uniforms, and even items for their venues, like lighting, flooring, or turf.

Team Manager

Maybe you have great leadership skills, and you’re wondering how you could apply your talents in the sports industry. Managing a team might be the right fit for you. If you’re hoping to become a team manager, Nasdaq recommends deciding which league appeals to you. Then, you’ll need to obtain the necessary certifications to secure employment in that league, as they can differ across sports. And if you don’t already have a background in sports management, you may need to pursue continuing education covering topics like financial asset management, business communication, and organization.

If you’ve ever considered working in the sports industry but assumed that you didn’t have the right skills or background, you might be surprised by how many jobs for which you’re actually qualified. You could become a lighting engineer, work remotely, or even earn a team manager position! With these tips as inspiration, you’ll be able to land a job you love.