Job searching can be a stressful process and is tough to balance alongside other commitments. While it’s difficult to eliminate the stress associated with job searching, there are a few tips and tricks that can make it a bearable, and even enjoyable, process. Let’s dive into these five tips on how to reduce stress during your job search:  

Mindset Matters

If a company doesn’t see the value you can bring to their team, that’s their loss. You don’t want to work for someone who settles for you; you want to work for someone who really wants you. Adopting this mindset can help you deflect rejections and bounce back to continue on your job search when things don’t work out. 

Take Breaks

It’s easy to check the time and realize you’ve been applying to jobs for three hours. Using techniques like the Pomodoro Timer (work for 25 mins, break for 5 mins) can help integrate breaks into your job search. It can also be helpful to keep your snacks away from your desk, forcing you to stretch your legs when you get hungry. 

Remember to Eat and Drink

Speaking of food – remember to treat your body right with regular meals and make sure to drink a glass of water during each break. If you feel like you don’t have time to cook every day, meal prepping in advance can be helpful for squeezing in quick meals between coffee chats, info sessions, and interviews.


Going for a daily walk is a great way to improve your mood during your job search. Exercising reduces stress hormones and releases endorphins which help you feel more relaxed. It also gives you a chance to step away from your computer and clear your head, so you aren’t constantly thinking about your job search.  

Quality > Quantity 

Task switching occurs when you shift your focus from one thing to another. Doing this repeatedly while applying to hundreds of jobs can be inefficient and overwhelming. Rather than applying to every job you see, focus your efforts on researching and networking with 10-15 companies to increase your chances of getting interviews and keeping your sanity. 

Create a System

Instead of randomly writing resumes and cover letters and applying to jobs left, right, and center, build yourself a system you can follow to take away the guesswork. Spend a set amount of time each day if you can to maintain consistency and avoid burnout. For example, a 90-min routine may look something like this:

  1. Leave 5-10 comments on LinkedIn posts (15 mins)
  2. Send 5-10 LinkedIn connection requests (10 mins)
  3. Prepare for and have a coffee chat (45 mins)
  4. Write a cover letter (15 mins)
  5. Submit a job application (5 mins)

Put Your Phone Down

It can be tempting to constantly refresh your inbox, hoping for an interview offer to come through. This isn’t a productive use of your time though and will only lead to increased anxiety and stress. Set aside a few blocks of time each day to check your emails so you can focus on other things for the rest of your day. 

It’s okay to feel stressed during your job search – it’s completely normal! Remember these tips to help mitigate the stress next time you’re looking for a job. Good luck!