Knowledge is always evolving. And what better way to talk about knowledge (and embrace it) than with podcasts! Podcasts are already the equivalent of listening to music, whether you’re working, relaxing at home, exercising, and so on. It’s amazing what you can learn while multitasking for work, school, or home. A good podcast should be able to capture your imagination and keep you listening. What makes a good podcast? Firstly, a good podcast is thought-provoking with a treasure-trove of content. That means having plenty of episodes that will keep listeners coming back. Secondly, a good podcast impacts listeners with helpful advice and valuable information. 

Luckily, there are so many podcasts out there that can teach you something new and keep you on the edge of your seat. Here are 10 enlightening podcasts ranging from philosophy to property, happiness to mental health, and everything else under the sun.

  1. Stuff You Should Know Podcast

This podcast is one of the longest-running, having been on the air for nearly 10 years. It’s created by the How Stuff Works team and goes in-depth on a myriad of different topics. Recent episodes cover nude beaches, Satanism, truth serum, crayons, and hip hop to name a few. However, much of their content revolves around social justice, drugs and alcohol, various beliefs (religious and secular), and everything else under the sun.

  1. Philosophize This!

Here’s another highly popular podcast that covers philosophy concepts in a way that’s easy to listen to and digest. If you ever took a philosophy course but found it too difficult to follow, you’ll get what you’re looking for here. For example, the hosts use the concept of scrambled eggs to talk about the philosophy of Aristotle. If you want to learn more about all the great philosophers, you should listen to this. 

  1. Civics 101

Politics these days is harder to follow than ever before. The news may have left you feeling confused, and that’s where this podcast comes in. It has lots of episodes that will break down the electoral process, and how it works. For example, have you ever wondered about how the electoral college works, or what the Federal Reserve is? Listen to this podcast and you’ll be a lot more well informed. 

  1. The Happiness Podcast

Finally, take a look at this podcast by Dr Robert Puff, who’s written 13 books and hosted a TV program on happiness. It helps you understand your own mind and thoughts, and delve deeper into what’s making you feel the way you do. Examples of this amazing podcast range from overcoming anxiety and depression, to living life to the fullest, to trends that promote positive mental health.

  1. In Our Time

This podcast comes from the BBC and has been running since 2010 so there’s a wealth of episodes to dig into here. They cover everything in the ‘history of ideas’, such as the idea of Purgatory, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and Plato’s Republic. They’re deep dives into some very interesting ideas that you’ll want to learn more about. 

  1. Bulletproof Radio

This podcast focuses on the human body, and how you can become ‘bulletproof’ yourself. ‘You’ll learn about biochemistry, mental health and more, so you can get fit safely’ says blogger Olivia Sierra, from OXEssays and Studydemic. ‘The podcast promises that you can do this without burning yourself out, so it’s something to listen to if you think it’s helpful to your cause.’

  1. The Cribsiders

Here’s a podcast for anyone who has kids or works with kids in a medical capacity. It covers paediatric knowledge that you need to know as an adult who spends time with children, keeping you informed while keeping you entertained too. 

  1. The Property Couch

Hosts Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley are both property investors, and in this podcast they cover everything you need to know about the subject. ‘Every week, they’ll cover a different topic in a conversational style that’s easy to follow’ says writer Kirsten Kay from Revieweal and Simplegrad. ‘This can be anything from money management to choosing property, and more.’

  1. No Till Farmer Podcast

Just as the name suggests, this podcast covers everything that you need to know as a no till farmer. You’ll find in-depth knowledge here on everything from planting, fertilising, residue management, crop protection and more, so you can get the most out of your farming operation.

  1. Run Smarter

What runner hasn’t encountered injury in the past? If you’ve been recently injured, you’ll be worrying about getting back on your feet again. This podcast helps you do, offering insights from physiotherapist Brodie Sharpe. He also talks with experts around the world to get their take on running, too. He’ll help you get running again, and prevent future injuries too. 

With these podcasts, you can find info on all kinds of different topics, ideas and theories that you hadn’t even considered before. Whether you want to learn more about history, concepts, or specific tasks, there’s going to be something on this list for you. Get listening now, and start learning.