Copywriting has become a popular job among young people, especially students now. While popular and in high demand, copywriting is not an easy job. You need to have excellent writing skills, research skills, and you must be efficient in handling deadlines. 

If you are a new copywriter and struggling to meet those deadlines and SEO goals, stay with me as I introduce you to the 5 life-saving tools to smooth your copywriting journey. 

Readability Test Tool

Readability is basically how easy it is to understand a  text. If readers cannot understand the content, you lose your target audience. Readability is crucial when it comes to increasing search engine optimization (SEO) level.

This readability test tool is a great way to test how easy or hard it is to understand your content. There are three options – URL, direct content and referer (web page). All you need to do is input the link or writing, and you will get the result in minutes. They will let you know at what grade level you are. Pretty awesome, right?

Click here to test readability of your content

Spin Me Not

Google can detect unoriginal content in a second. With plagiarized content, forget about ranking at the top, your websites (or your client’s) SEO will take a dive straight to Google hell. 

Try this app for detecting plagiarism in your content. The app is completely free. All you need to do is input the content, and they will show the percentage of plagiarism in the content. The words/phrases that are plagiarized will be highlighted, and you can change them accordingly. 

Check plagiarism of your content here

Page Titles and Meta Description tool

A compelling page title and meta-description will engage more traffic for the site. The meta-description acts as a tool to draw readers to your site. So, use more engaging words and definitely the keyword in your meta-description. 

This site known as Page Title and Meta description tool will test the title and meta-description of your content and tell you how engaging they are. They will be scored separately. You can also get your domain name scored here. 

Check out the site here


The Grammarly extension detects and fixes the grammatical mistakes instantly. They also help to keep the writing concise by pointing out the unnecessary and wordy phrases. They suggest more suitable solutions. 

You can purchase the premium version. They offer solutions to issues like improper word choice, passive voice misuse, improper formatting. You can improve the quality of your writing by following the suggestions. 

Check out the site here

Power Thesaurus

There are times when we question our vocabulary. We find the words in our disposal generic and boring. We want to replace it but nothing comes to mind. It feels like that word is the wow factor our writing needs. In times like this, you can rely on the Power Thesaurus. 

You can find several appropriate synonyms,  antonyms, definitions, examples, different parts of speech in here. They also rank popular words, mostly used words for increasing your SEO.

Check out the site here

Check these tools for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!